Why we decided to introduce Phytopecia to the US market

Hi Everyone!

My name is Michelle, and I moved from Singapore to the US with my family in the midst of the covid pandemic. I will write more about why we moved and our struggles in another blog post.

We arrived in New York when my baby boy was just 2 months old and it was a super stressful period for me. The move across the world (literally a 20 hour flight), acclimatizing to the weather, staying away from the covid virus, filling up our empty apartment, all while learning the ropes to be a first-time mom... yeah, you can imagine.  

Two months later, while showering I noticed my hair falling out in clumps. I was 4 months postpartum then and I remember thinking: Gosh, is postpartum hair loss really happening to me? When I was pregnant, I lucked out on morning sickness, water retention and stretch marks. Surely I could also get away with postpartum hair loss?? Ha! Fat chance!

As someone who is fairly frugal and doesn't splurge on myself, my hair loss was SO bad that I actually tried a few of the so-called "top" shampoos and hair supplements (brand name starting with "V"). I even bought a LED scalp massager in desperate need to restore my luscious hair. Sadly, none of them worked. Even if they did, I could hardly tell? I might as well put all that money into the trash with my clumps of hair.

hair fall - before
*Just fyi, I have shoulder hair length and I wash my hair once every night.

After sharing my severe hair loss on social media, many people messaged me to tell me that they have the same issue, mostly hair loss due to stress, pregnancy and covid side effects. Then my trusted friend from Singapore mailed me a highly-raved Korean shampoo which really helped her stress-related hair loss. It is 100% safe for breastfeeding mothers (like myself) as it does not contain Minoxidil*, which is a common chemical in anti hair loss products.

*Topical Minoxidil may cause side effects such as scalp irritation, eczema, allergic contact dermatitis, and even worsening of hair loss. 

At first, I wasn't seeing any results. My hair was still falling in clumps, I still vacummed multiple times a day, and the husband was still covered in my hair every morning. After about 3 weeks, my hair suddenly stopped falling overnight. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! It was so obvious that my husband actually noticed.

Look at the MIND BLOWING before / after pictures, and that was only after 1 month of usage.

hair loss before after

Phytopecia hair boosting shampoo has a cult like following in Korea, Japan and Singapore with thousands of proven results and loyal customers. It contains the key ingredient P1P which is patented in 4 countries including the US. The product line is currently sold in over 500 scalp care clinics in Korea as it is a premium spa brand. SURELY I had to introduce Phytopecia to this part of the world!

However it was difficult to find a retailer who ships to the US without costing an arm and a leg. Eventually I approached the Phytos headquarter and negotiated to bring in their products to the US. It took me tons of time and effort to get this going as I truly believe this will help anyone out there who is suffering from hair loss. I am also working to bring in other product in their line such as the Phytopecia Hair Tonic (which I also use) and Phytopecia Scalp Essence.

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Thank you for reading my story!