Can I change or cancel my purchase?

We aim to ship out your order as soon as possible, but if you contact us in time we will be able to do so. If not, we cannot change or cancel your order.

How long does shipping take?

Please refer to the shipping page for more information.

Pre-order FAQ

What is a pre-order?

A pre-order allows you to order an item prior to its release date. A pre-order item is marked with a "pre-order" ribbon.

How to pre-order?

To reserve a product marked with pre-order, simply add it to your cart by clicking "Pre-order Now". You then checkout the usual way and your credit card will be charged upon checkout. After placing your order, you will receive an email confirmation with an order number.

When will my pre-order item(s) be shipped?

Usually, the pre-order will close once a minimum quantity is reached. This could be anywhere from 6 to 21 days and we will be in constant communication with you on your pre-order shipment. 

If you purchased both instock and pre-order items at the same time, we will ship your instock items first, then the pre-ordered item(s) later. If you are OK to wait and want them shipped altogether, feel free to leave a comment at checkout or drop us an email at sales@findbymi.com :)


What is P1P?

Phytosphingosine-1-Phosphate (P1P) is the world's first solution that protects and repairs damaged cells from stress. It is structurally similar to S1P, derived from Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) treatments to support wound healing and cell regeneration. P1P's application for preventing and treating hair loss is patented in the US and 4 other countries. 

Who is Phytopecia products for?

Anyone suffering from hair loss, dandruff and scalp irritation. Phytopecia shampoo revitalizes and strengthens hair from the roots, giving you healthy and voluminous hair. 

How often should I use the product?

Generally, we recommend to use Phytopecia shampoo once a day to remove dead cells and build up - just as how you would cleanse your skin! We also recommend to use the Phytopecia hair tonic twice a day for maximum results.

I'm pregnant / nursing, can I use this product?

Certainly! There are NO chemical fragrances, silicone, parabens and minoxidil. 

What is the pH level of the shampoo?

It has a slight acidity of pH 5.3. The human scalp generally has a pH of ~ 5.5 and we want to maintain that healthy balance. If you hair's pH is out of balance, it is usually too high (alkaline) which increases frizz and tangles. Shampoo pH is too often overlooked and this is one VERY important factor that is hardly written on a label. Believe it or not, very few shampoos in the market are pH-balanced.

I love the cooling effect, it feels nice! What is it?

The shampoo and tonic contains Menthol to soothe scalp irritation and improve scalp circulation.